Best Quality Inspection Software – Quality Management Software Expect Guide


With the development of intelligent manufacturing and the improvement of the informatization level of factories and enterprises, at the same time, with the continuous development of social economy, the competition in the market environment is becoming increasingly fierce. Only high-quality products can win the trust of the market and consumers. Therefore, more and more factories and enterprises realize that the reasonable application of quality inspection software can effectively improve the quality management level of enterprises. We are going to show you the most widely used quality inspection software.

Best Quality Inspection Software – Quality Management Software Expect Guide

From the formation mechanism of product quality, product quality is planned through market research, determined by design, guaranteed and realized through manufacturing, verified through inspection, and displayed in use. Therefore, product quality is the product of the process, and its formation process includes five links: Market Research, product development, design, equipment and raw material procurement, production, manufacturing and inspection, sales and service. The activities of each link are undertaken by each department of the enterprise and all its members, which are important links in the production and formation process of product quality.

Manufacturing is an important part of the formation of product quality. Its main quality objectives are: to formulate production plans reasonably in an economic way, organize balanced production according to the specified requirements, strictly implement the requirements of product technology and process documents, implement quality control, and produce products with quality in line with drawings and standards according to the required quantity and date.

Software information systems in terms of quality can be called QIS, namely (quality information system). Quality management software can help the quality operation of enterprises meet the operating specifications of certain certification requirements, and help the products or services of enterprises meet certain quality requirements.


Understand quality management plan

At present, there are many kinds of quality management software on the market. Considering the products of various software manufacturers, quality management software can be divided into product information management, inventory management, procurement management, production management, equipment management, laboratory management, quality management, sales management, after-sales management and other modules according to the functional modules.

The large-scale system covering product design, manufacturing, inspection, quality analysis and product after-sales can meet the data analysis requirements of enterprises for a series of operations such as product design, product manufacturing, product inspection, product experiment and product traceability.

For the needs of enterprise quality management, there are a variety of quality management software in the market, mainly based on total quality management, without clear classification standards. Enterprises can choose suitable software according to their actual needs, strengthen quality management, and make their products or services meet the quality requirements.


At present, the most widely used quality inspection software mainly includes the following categories:

(1) Total quality management TQM: TQM software is a total quality management software system. It is an information system based on the total quality management system and an organic integration with advanced quality management ideas.


(2) Statistical process control software SPC: SPC is an effective method for enterprises to improve quality management level. Using the principle of mathematical statistics, through the collection and analysis of test data, it can achieve the effect of “prevention in advance”, so as to effectively control the production process and continuously improve the quality.


(3) Quality traceability management software QTS: QTS can track the production time, site, line type, shift, operator, equipment status, process status, material condition, inspection data, SPC historical data, etc. of products from the quality abnormalities that occur in a certain link or point of the whole supply chain. The system will automatically generate corresponding traceability information by entering different traceability conditions, such as batch number, time, etc.


(4) Quality cost management software CoQ: CoQ can effectively and accurately investigate the structure and changes of enterprise quality cost and the overall impact on the economic benefits of the organization from multiple angles, and establish the direction for quality improvement, so as to effectively reduce quality cost.


(5) Supplier quality management software sqm: sqm can help enterprises establish a scientific and perfect supplier certification and supplier performance evaluation system, comprehensively evaluate supplier performance by using Performance Scorecard, realize objective and quantitative evaluation, and combine manual flexible evaluation data to form a comprehensive evaluation analysis. IQC is one of the important modules in supplier quality management. The quality of incoming materials directly determines the quality of products. If the incoming material control is not done well, it will not only lead to the increase of internal loss costs, but also a large number of external loss costs, which will directly affect customer satisfaction.


(6) ISO9000 management software is designed according to the quality system idea of iso9000/qs9000/ts16949. Starting from the quality system standard, it makes a standardized and systematic management of the process, documents, forms and internal audit in the organization. So that the organization can easily, quickly, systematically and normatively maintain and improve the iso9000/qs9000/ts16949 quality system.

Quality is the guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises and the lifeline of market development; Users have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Improving quality can strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises in the market; Product quality is a necessary factor to form customer satisfaction, so better quality will bring higher profit returns to enterprises; Quality management is the umbrella of the company’s brand. Strict quality management can improve brand reputation; Strengthening quality management is also a necessary measure to maintain people’s life and physical and mental health.

The quality management software should manage all links that affect the product quality, such as the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, pressure, etc. of the workshop, the warranty and effectiveness of production equipment, inspection equipment and experimental equipment, the storage and transportation maintenance of products, the quality assurance of materials, the conclusion of the laboratory, etc.