Initial Production Check for Best Quality Control – Online IPC Services in China

Do you want to ensure the quality of your products in a reliable way? Multiple inspections are often applied throughout the manufacturing process. Initial production check service at Dora Test will help you detect quality issues at an early stage and find out effective solutions. We understand the importance of laying the right foundation, our IPC services will examine all the components, materials and product to be used in the manufacturing and report the results to you to avoid the resources being wasted and the production progress is being affected, we also conduct initial product inspection based on the regulations, standards, and agreement, to minimize the risks at the start of production. From the design of the product to shipping, our quality assurance system ensures the quality maintain at a high level. Seasoned QC inspectors will show up on the production site and give verification of the quality, we’ll keep you updated on the progression of the inspection. Dora Test China initial production check services not only aimed at keeping consistent quality but also focus on lowering your cost of product development.

Why Choose Our IPC Services

  • Online management system. Create your individual account online and real-time schedule your inspections.
  • Detailed inspection report. Digital and paper reports both available to represent the examination results in detail.
  • Efficiency and speed. The expert team can run a fast inspection within 48 hours.
  • Reliability and flexibility. Certified and licensed quality control company.
  • Budget and affordable. All-inclusive, competitive prices, no extra charge.
  • Quality assurance. Ensure the finished product complies with the specifications required.

Services & Contents of Initial Production Check

How the initial production inspection is conducted? A checklist including the following items will be applied to check all aspects of the production line.

  • Check if the type and quantity of materials and accessories to be used are correct
  • Inspect the quality and specification of raw materials
  • Check if the raw materials against related standards
  • Examine if the random sample have potential issues
  • Verify is the production plan is feasible
  • Test machinery, facilities and tools
  • Other required inspections

What is an Initial Production Check?

Initial Production Check or IPC is a type of on-site inspection that is performed at the very beginning of the batch production (usually before the production begins, up until the cycle goes to 20%), it is mainly used to check the raw materials and parts of the products to be fabricated, according to the samples offered, to verify if the materials and components are correct, including quantity, characteristics, specifications, and quality. So initial production check can assist you to locate the potential defects during the initial phase of production and solve them, ensure the following stages go smoothly. However, IPC is only the first step of quality control, there are lots of follow-up works that need to be done.

Why Initial Production Check is Important?

  • Eradicate any delays and stoppages caused by the issues and problems at the early phase.
  • Ensure the raw materials conform to the regulations and standards of the target market.
  • Avoid the quality of raw materials and components affects the whole product quality.
  • Improve the production efficiency and guarantee the quality for higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the risk of the supply chain getting interrupted due to controllable reasons.
  • Verify whether your material supplier is capable to meet your demands and offer quality goods.

Acceptable quality level

The acceptable quality level specifies the maximum acceptable defect ratio, and the specified defect value expressed as a percentage clarifies the value that the buyer can generally accept in most cases using a certain sampling procedure.

Defects can be divided into three levels according to their severity:

  • Fatal defect: Does not comply with the mandatory regulations of the product and/or will affect the safety of consumers during use.
  • Serious defects: obvious appearance defects that may cause product failure, reduce product usability and affect product sales.
  • Minor defect: A defect that does not affect the usability of the product, but may affect product sales or is different from the specified quality standard.

Although most customers accept these standards, we can also adjust our standards according to your specific requirements

Is quality assurance reliable?

Is it very good to encounter samples, but there will be various problems in order production? At this time, you lack a supervisory agency like ours. Many factories will give very perfect samples, but the production and shipment of finished products will ensure quality control. Choosing us, we will carry out an inspection and supervision process of pre-, mid-, and shipment to ensure the quality of your goods