Color Mapping Service for Quality Inspection

CMM measurement can’t meet all the requirements during the quality inspection process, sometimes graphical results are more intuitive and practical than text-based reports. Based on the scanned component, IPQC color mapping service can analyze the data and offer 3D color maps and reports that present the discrepancies and deviations between the scanned part and its nominal CAD model by comparing them. Color mapping technology allows you to easily view and analyze where problems may occur. It also shows depressions or protrusions that the CMM may miss. We primarily use Coordinate Measuring Machine and 3D laser scanner to collect key data of the part to be measured and use point cloud software to create the color maps. You can also use data from color mapping to modify CAD models to match actual parts, or for reverse engineering. The color mapping technology is a great solution to save time and improve the efficiency of your quality check and control.

Why Choose Our Color Mapping

  • Easier and quicker measurements of complex parts
  • Detailed point cloud data and visual comparison
  • Qualitative illustrations that show the differences
  • Supplement and enhancement of CMM inspection
  • Multiple types of analysis for selection

Our Color Mapping Capabilities

  • Use laser scanning systems and equipment to capture the desired data
  • Use GeoMagic Control software to create color maps
  • Create visual comparisons of parts to CAD model
  • Highlight key areas by colors to illustrate nonconformities
  • Incorporate CMM and Vision data to improve the accuracy
  • Scan all types of parts and materials in different sizes
  • Modify CAD models to make them conform to the actual part
  • Other services requested at your factory

What is Color Mapping?

Color mapping is a scalar visualization technique that is usually used for the color conversion of the final image and controls the color range of the image to display it correctly on the computer screen. The color mapping can be described as the algorithm that generates the mapping function or transforms the image colors. The operation object of color mapping is scalar attributes in the dataset. It is a common scalar algorithm. It will color each part according to the different scalar values of each part of the dataset. Color mapping is often used for calibrating the colors of two cameras for further processing with sample /images and adjusting the colors of two /images for perceptual visual compatibility.

Advantages of Color Mapping

  • The visual display is easy to understand.
  • You can quickly check if the part conforms to the design.
  • Free to control the color spectrum.
  • You can adjust the display to highlight specific deviations.
  • Color mapping can be implemented through various methods.
  • You can check the color map from different angles.