China Best Container Loading Supervision Service – CLS Supplier & Manufacturer

If you are seeking a reliable China container loading supervision service provider, you are at the right place! Dora Test is the world’s leading exporter and manufacturer, famous for its best quality products and efficient customer service. Container Loading Supervision is a part of our service offering in China to ensure that your goods are properly packaged, loaded and stored in a secure and safe way for transportation. As a leading container loading service supplier and manufacturer, we guarantee that all our services and products are perfectly in line with industry standards and quality assurance.

What Is A Container Loading Supervision Service (CLS)

Container Loading Supervision is a vital part and the final part of quality control. In order to make sure that final product delivered and received match your requirements, container loading supervision is the only method for you. A CLS can allow you to avoid sending defect or incorrectly products. Any potential error will be defected by CLS before it is too late and the goods are already heading towards the destination port.

Benefits of container loading supervision

  • Catch the correct defects before shipping
  • It will ensure the product will be delivered to the customer in precisely ordered quantity and quality.
  • Prevent goods get wet, dirty or destroyed, deformed when unloading due to poor container conditions
  • Avoid receiving different products from what you ordered
  • Enhance the quality, quantity, and reduce damaged goods shipped
  • Enable you to save time and money

Why Choose Dora Test Container Loading Supervision Service

When the goods arrive at the destination port, some cartons were found missing, or deformed products found in cartons, wet cartons in containers, you will waste time and money debating where the issue originated and why it can’t be avoided before loading. However, Dora Test container loading inspection service can monitoring the loading process, help you completely avoid these problems, reducing the time and money you need to invest in pre-caching and inspection.

  • – We offer cost-effective China container loading inspection service.
  • Choose us and you can reduce the risk of receiving damaged goods or wrong goods.
  • We double-check that the quantities loaded onto the container match those of your purchase order. The total quantity as well as the quantities for each specification are verified (colour, material, model, etc.).
  • Our inspector inspects the container to ensure it is fit to transport your goods. We record the container and seal numbers. We take photos of the loading procedure and of any problem encountered during this process.
  • The inspector will check a few cartons at random to ensure the product is the correct size, color, color, or quality you ordered. We also look at the shipping labels on the cartons, saving you from a lot of hassles of shipment.
  • After the inspection we seal the container, and supervise the entire loading proceses, ensuring that all ordered products on the ship has been loaded properly.