Is Quality Produced Or Inspected? | Quality Production & Inspection


Product quality is produced, not inspected. Only in each link of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions, can the product quality be guaranteed.
However, the topic of “quality is produced or inspected” has always been the focus of debate in the business community: producers say that quality is inspected, and inspectors do not check the flow of inferior products into the market; The inspector said that quality is produced. If the producer does not manufacture unqualified products, there will be no inferior products in the market! Today, many companies, once they have quality problems, shift the responsibility to the quality department, believing that this is the responsibility of the quality department, because many companies have such a wrong view.

Wrong View Of Quality Production & Inspection

1. Allow a small number of defects, and accidental defects are inevitable.
2. Quality is the responsibility of the quality control department.
3. Only pay attention to the inspection of products, and the inspectors need to be responsible for solving the defective products.
4. When something goes wrong, they all think it’s the quality department’s business.
Many people who do quality work have more or less felt this way. When writing the report, the quality department completes it alone, and other departments basically ignore it. The boss thinks that quality is not very important, R & D is very important, and making money is the most important. Therefore, the quality department has no position in the company.


So, Is The Product Quality Produced or Inspected?

First of all, we should analyze the relationship between first and last, active and passive. As we all know, product production comes first and inspection comes later. In other words, only when students produce products can they be tested. If there is no product, there is no way to test. What are the good and bad results?

Obviously, production is active and inspection is passive. Before the concept of “product quality is produced, not inspected”, the early quality management was limited to quality inspection, which can only check the quality of products afterwards. Only in each link of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions, can the quality of products be guaranteed. If we ignore process control and rely only on inspection, it is impossible to ensure product quality, because quality inspection can only eliminate defective products and waste products and can not improve product quality. In other words, the focus of quality control must not be on post inspection, but on the manufacturing stage, that is, the production process stage.


Why Are There Quality Problems?

– If the problems before product development are not handled well and the direct rate of mass production is too low, we hope to put out the fire by relying on quality and improve the detection frequency to reduce the defective or unqualified quality.
– Return materials and unqualified materials are added, but they have not been tested and verified in advance, and there is no accurate understanding of product quality fluctuation.
– When the customer urged for goods, the leader spoke according to his so-called practical experience and implemented special release for products that were not within the standard range, resulting in product problems.
– The industry has improved the quality standards of products, and the company still produces according to the original standards.
– There are non-human quality problems in the production process, but they are not within the detection frequency range.

Every link of the quality management system requires quality control, which obviously can not be fully undertaken by the quality inspection department or quality management department. These controls must be implemented by the personnel in the best position. For example, it is easy to find quality problems in the production process of some products, but it is difficult to find them in the inspection. At this time, the production operator obviously knows more about quality problems than the quality inspector. If the operator does not take the initiative to control the quality and only depends on the quality inspector, the product quality is difficult to be fundamentally guaranteed.


How To Control Product Quality In An All-Round Way

The product is basically positioned in the design stage, and then the quality is guaranteed by procurement, processing and manufacturing, packaging and transportation. If these links are well controlled, the quality will naturally be well controlled. Therefore, product quality is realized in the process of design and production, and quality is realized through process management. How to control product quality:


Establish quality awareness
All staff should realize that if the product quality is not good, there will be no market for the product. If there is no market for the product, the enterprise will lose its source of profit. Over time, the enterprise will close down, followed by employee unemployment.


Customer focus
Take the customer as the center, regard yourself as the customer, the operator of the next process and the consumer of the product. In this way, we will consciously do a good job in our work. If we do a good job, the quality of products will be guaranteed. If we cut corners in our work, it will endanger our own vital interests.


Establish a sense of quality procedure
Quality management is the of the whole process and the whole company, and the work between various processes and departments of the whole company must be orderly and effective. All quality management personnel and operators are required to strictly follow the procedures. If they do not follow the procedures, the chances of mistakes will increase, and the quality of products cannot be guaranteed.


Establish quality cost awareness
Ensuring quality and pursuing profit is the eternal goal of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to develop, it has to pay attention to the cost of production. However, the cost is closely related to the quality. If the quality of the product is good, it can minimize the cost of the product. If the quality of the product is poor and customers often complain about the return of the product, its cost will remain high, and even push the enterprise to a desperate situation.

The reason for the decline of many enterprises is not that there are no customers and orders, but that they are unable to participate in market competition because of poor internal management and low costs. But the more strict the quality is, the more favorable it is for the enterprise. On the contrary, excessively improving product quality will lead to excess quality and also increase production costs. Therefore, during production, we require all processes and links to be done in strict accordance with customer standards, so that we can minimize costs and improve market competitive advantage.