Project Quality Management System of Excellence Project


A set of good project quality management system is the basis for creating excellence in construction projects. Taking a excellence project as an example, take a look at other people’s quality management systems. Is there anything we can learn from? Now, we in depth 13 steps of project quality management system of excellent project.


1. Quality management system for mobilized materials

The whole process of procurement shall be controlled in strict accordance with the material procurement control procedures and subcontracting management procedures. All raw materials entering the site must first be checked for the certificate of conformity, and at the same time, the appearance quality of materials and products must be checked and accepted and the materials must be rechecked and inspected. They can be used only after they are qualified. Unqualified raw materials are strictly prohibited from entering the site.


2. Project quality model system

Each sub project or type of work shall make a demonstration sample before large-scale operation to clarify the quality objectives. Before the commencement of subdivisional works, the technical director of the project management department shall organize the construction unit to carry out the sample subdivisional works according to the current national specifications and standards. The construction can only be carried out after the confirmation of Party A, the supervisor and the construction unit and the acceptance of the sample works. The construction personnel shall be organized and trained to let the construction personnel understand the quality standards and know well.


3. Technical disclosure system

Adhere to the principle of technical progress to ensure construction quality. The technical department shall prepare targeted construction organization design and actively adopt new processes and technologies; Prepare targeted operation instructions for special processes. Before the construction of each type of work and each process, technical disclosure at all levels shall be organized, including the technical disclosure of the project engineer to the foreman, the foreman to the team, and the team leader to the operation team. Disclosure at all levels shall be made in writing. If quality accidents are caused by improper technical measures or unclear disclosure, relevant departments and personnel shall be investigated for responsibility.


4. Quality pre control system

Carefully carry out joint review of drawings, and find and correct problems in drawings in advance. For the special and key processes of the project, the quality control points shall be formulated technically, and the operation instructions shall be prepared to ensure the project quality of special and key parts.


5. Construction listing system

Technical disclosure and listing shall be carried out on site during construction; Construction site listing; Operation management system listing; Semi finished products and finished products shall be listed to clarify responsibilities. In case of quality accidents caused by construction not in accordance with specifications and procedures on site, relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility, so as to stimulate the sense of responsibility and strengthen supervision.


6. Process “three inspection” system

During the construction process, we will insist on checking the previous process, ensuring this process and serving the next process, and implement and adhere to the self inspection, mutual inspection and handover inspection system. The self inspection shall be recorded in writing. The foreman shall organize the project technical director, quality inspector and team leader to inspect the concealed works and make detailed written records.


7. Quality veto system

Rework must be carried out for unqualified sub divisional works and unit works. Relevant responsible personnel shall take necessary corrective and preventive measures against the causes of nonconforming products.


8. Finished product protection system

The project personnel shall reasonably arrange the construction procedures to reduce the cross operation of procedures. The handover work between the upper and lower procedures shall be well done and records shall be made. If the construction of the following process may affect the finished products of the previous process, the consent of the operators and managers of the previous process shall be obtained, and damage and pollution shall be avoided. Otherwise, the operators and managers of the next process shall be responsible for the losses caused.


9. Quality inspection system at all levels

During construction, we shall carry out quality acceptance of quality inspection lot, sub divisional works, sub divisional works and completion acceptance according to relevant regulations.


10. Quality regular meeting system

The quality regular meeting shall be held every week to solve the problems found at any time. The quality management personnel shall extract the quality data according to the quality information received, adopt appropriate statistical techniques, and put forward the analysis results so as to master the quality trend. The focus should be on how to prevent recurrence and carry out quality pre control.


11. Reward and punishment system

In the project construction, we will implement the open system of rewards and punishments, and formulate detailed and practical reward and punishment systems and rules, which will run through the whole process of the project construction. The project quality inspector is responsible for organizing relevant management personnel to inspect and measure the actual quantity of the working face under construction. Reward the teams and personnel who carry out construction in strict accordance with the quality standards, and punish the teams that fail to meet the quality requirements and do not make serious rectification, so as to improve the quality.


12. Engineering data management system

Quality records are the basis for quality responsibility traceability and should be truthful and detailed. In order to fully meet the plasticity of the project quality, the project will assign a special person to sort out and summarize the engineering technical data related to the construction generated during the construction process, so as to ensure that the project is under effective control. All kinds of on-site operation records, material test records, quality inspection records, etc. shall be properly kept. In particular, all kinds of process handover records shall be recorded in detail to clarify the responsibilities of all parties.


13. Training system

All management and operation personnel of the project shall receive professional knowledge and skill training and take up their posts with certificates. If the project quality is unqualified or quality accidents occur due to command or operation without certificate, in addition to those directly responsible, the enterprise’s leaders in charge shall also be investigated for responsibility.