The Importance Of Quality Control In The Digitization Of Urban Construction Archives


Through the in-depth discussion on the current situation of urban construction archives digitization and the importance of urban construction archives digitization, we can not only improve the enthusiasm of urban construction archives digitization personnel and promote the development of urban construction archives digitization, but also improve the digitization level of urban construction archives within a certain range. In order to improve the efficiency of urban construction archives digitization, we can not only measure the development level of the unit, but also predict the development direction of the city through the rational use of archives. In this article, we talk about the problems and importance of quality control in the digitization of urban construction archives.


Problems in the digitization of urban construction archives

(1) The understanding of digitization of urban construction archives is not clear Although modern information technology has been integrated into our daily life, many industries have not fully applied science and technology to their own development and construction. The urban construction archives management institutions in many areas are deeply influenced by the traditional management concept. They do not have a correct understanding of the digital development of archival work, and there are deviations in their understanding of archival digital work in many aspects. It is believed that there is no great difference between recording and sorting out archives information in electronic form and traditional paper archives management. In fact, there is a big difference between the two. The archives management mode and management concept are completely different. This will affect the pace of digital development of urban construction archives, and can not give full play to the role of archives digitization. It not only does not play any role in the development of urban construction archives, but also wastes a lot of financial resources and resources.


(2) Poor basic conditions. In order to realize the digital construction of urban construction archives, we must first have sufficient human and capital investment to meet the basic equipment requirements of digital information system construction. Staff need to have a higher professional and technical level to be competent for this job. Personnel, basic equipment and investment capital are essential. In any case, the problems will affect the digital construction of urban construction archives. However, at present, many areas in China do not have sufficient basic conditions, so there are some difficulties in the construction of actual digital archives.


(3) Lack of good detail specification. Urban construction archives work is a meticulous work in essence. In order to carry out digital construction, we should pay more attention to various details in practical work. This is very important for follow-up work. In the actual urban construction archives management, no relevant standards are formulated according to the actual development of digital archives. There is no perfect standard system. Although the relevant laws have certain legal restrictions on paper archives, there will be many unforeseen problems in practical work, and it is difficult for the relevant laws and regulations to make comprehensive restrictions. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a detailed standard system according to the actual situation to provide guarantee for the quality of archives digitization construction.


(4) The quality of employees is not high. In the process of urban construction archives digitization, the technical level of staff has a great impact on the quality of archives digitization. The professional technology and quality level of employees are the direct factors affecting the digital quality. In urban construction archives work, the behavior ability and operation level of managers determine the work efficiency of actual operators. The quality of archives management personnel in urban construction institutions cannot be standardized in time, which will affect the quality of archives management personnel in urban construction institutions.


The importance of quality control in the digitization of urban construction archives

(1) It helps to improve the enthusiasm of managers. The digitization of urban construction archives is not only to meet the needs of the development of the times, but also the needs of relevant units to change on the original basis. Only by establishing and perfecting the digital work system and integrating information technology into urban construction archives, can we improve the efficiency of archives management and speed up the pace of archives digitization. In the application process of the system, the problems existing in the process of archives digitization can be found in time, and the relevant managers can take effective methods to deal with them, which provides a new development direction for urban construction archives work. In addition, with the continuous improvement of digital level, the positioning of archives management is also improving. Relevant personnel can stimulate their work enthusiasm in this positive atmosphere, make them more actively integrate into their work, facilitate the digital management of archives, realize the scientific and standardized development of work, and greatly promote the future development of urban construction archives work.


(2) It is conducive to sound and rapid economic and social development. Urban construction archives mainly collect and record all kinds of information about urban buildings. Digital construction is to integrate the collected information and analyze the feasibility of various information according to the actual situation. The analysis and utilization of historical archives information is one of the main functions of archives. The development and changes of social economy can generally be seen from the archival information, and the relevant laws of activities can be summarized. The direction of economic development can also be calculated. From a certain point of view, archival information is an effective reference resource for social and economic development. Therefore, the digitization of urban construction archives is of great significance to the future social development. The application of urban construction archives in social development reflects the effective utilization of archives resources and the spirit of relevant institutions serving the society. The personnel of urban construction archives management team can use archives digitization. The collected comprehensive information is recorded in the database and classified according to different types, so that the departments in need can directly search the information they want to know, which is conducive to the better and faster development of society.


(3) It is helpful to improve the urban construction archives management system. We should control the quality of urban construction archives management information, collect all basic information of construction projects from beginning to end, and ensure the accuracy of archives. The collected information can be subject to standardized management, and a perfect management system can be established to ensure the integrity and accuracy of information in all links. It also helps to improve the digital level of urban construction archives.


(4) Help develop a clear archiving plan. After the completion of an urban construction project, the construction unit shall formulate the urban construction completion documents in accordance with the construction standards. After the completion documents are formulated, the municipal construction audit department is also required to audit the documents. The main contents of the audit include urban construction measurement documents, urban construction standards, urban construction quality appraisal, etc. In addition, auditors are required to check the quality problems in urban construction to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the completion documents.