Construction quality control includes method control, quality control of construction machinery and equipment selection, and control of environmental factors.

What Are The Contents Of Construction Quality Control

1. Method control
Method control, including the control of technical scheme, process flow, organizational measures, detection means, construction organization design, etc. adopted in the whole construction cycle of the project. Whether the construction scheme is correct or not is the key to the smooth realization of project quality control. The progress is often delayed due to poor consideration of the construction scheme, affecting the quality and increasing the investment.
Therefore, when formulating and reviewing the construction scheme, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive analysis and comprehensive consideration from the aspects of technology, organization, management, process, operation, economy, etc. in combination with the actual situation of the project, and strive to make the scheme technically feasible, economically reasonable, technologically advanced, effective measures and convenient operation, so as to improve the quality, speed up the progress and reduce the cost.

2. Quality control of construction machinery and equipment selection
In the project construction stage, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the construction site conditions, building structure type, mechanical equipment performance, construction process and method, construction organization and management, building technology and economy and other factors to formulate and review the mechanized construction scheme.
In order to make it reasonably equipped, matched and organically connected, give full play to the efficiency of construction machinery and obtain better comprehensive economic benefits, we should focus on three aspects: the selection of mechanical equipment, the main performance parameters of mechanical equipment and the use and operation requirements of mechanical equipment.

3. Control of environmental factors
According to the project characteristics and specific conditions, effective measures shall be taken to strictly control the environmental factors affecting the quality. In addition, during construction in winter, rainy season, wind season and hot season, effective measures for seasonal construction to ensure quality and safety must be formulated according to the characteristics of the project, especially for concrete works, earthwork, deep foundation works, underwater works and high-altitude operations, so as to prevent the project quality from being damaged by freezing, cracking, scouring and collapse.
At the same time, the environment and working environment of the construction site shall be continuously improved; the protection of the natural environment and cultural relics shall be strengthened; the environmental pollution caused by the hazards generated by the construction shall be reduced as far as possible; the construction site management system shall be improved and reasonably arranged to make the construction site orderly, standardized and standardized, so as to realize civilized construction.

Process Quality Control in Residential Construction

1. Concept of process quality control
Operation quality includes two aspects: the quality of operation activity conditions and the quality of operation activity effects. From the perspective of quality control, the two are interrelated. On the one hand, it is necessary to control the quality of process activity conditions, that is, whether the input quality of each process meets the requirements; on the other hand, it is also necessary to control the quality of process activity effects, that is, whether the engineering products completed in each process meet the relevant quality standards. Process quality control refers to the quality control of process activity conditions and process effects, so as to achieve the quality control of the whole construction process.

2. Contents of process quality control
During process quality control, the following aspects shall be emphasized:
(1) Determine process quality control process
(2) Active control process activity conditions
(3) Timely inspect process quality
(4) Set the operation quality control point.