What Are The Main Responsibilities Of Quality Inspector


Quality inspection refers to that the quality inspector controls and supervises the production process, supervises the production process, and corrects the operations that affect the product performance or product quality in the process. The following is the content about the job responsibilities of the quality inspector.


No. 1 Job responsibilities of quality inspector


1.Under the leadership of the manager of the technical quality assurance department, organize and lead the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, process products, finished products and daily quality management of the whole company.

2.Have the right to command and dispatch the quality inspector and material inspector of the technical quality assurance department; Have the right of inspection and supervision, business command and replacement suggestions for the process inspector and packaging finished product inspector of the production department.

3.The production team has the right to order rework, scrap and shutdown according to the company’s quality management system documents and the right to suggest quality rewards and penalties.



1.Be responsible for the collection, analysis and transmission of quality information, and publish monthly, quarterly and annual reports in a timely manner; Monitor the operation of the quality system and submit the quality analysis report on a monthly basis.

2.Organize and lead quality inspectors to conduct sampling inspection on finished products according to the inspection procedures to ensure that the quality qualification rate of ex factory products is 100%.

3.Organize and lead the material inspector to inspect the incoming raw and auxiliary materials to ensure that the unqualified raw and auxiliary materials are not put into production; Conduct the first inspection and supervision sampling inspection on the process products according to the inspection procedures to ensure that the nonconforming products are not mixed into the next process.

4.Inspect and supervise the work of the process inspector and packaging finished product inspector of the production department, and provide technical guidance, training and assessment; Supervise and manage the verification of measuring instruments and tools of the production department. 5. Ensure accurate inspection data, complete quality records and complete statistical statements.

5.Complete the work assigned by the department head

6.Be responsible for the preparation and revision of inspection procedures.


Complete the inspection task

1.Spot check each batch of finished products inspected by the packaging team in time according to the sampling method and quantity specified in the inspection procedures. The “timely” assessment is limited to the packaging sealing tape.; Incorrect sampling method (if it cannot reflect the difference before and after the production time of this batch of products)

2.It is required to inspect the first three semi-finished products produced by each molding team, and inspect the molding materials of the pot in the mixing team (including the original batching records).

3.It is required to supervise and spot check two qualified semi-finished products inspected by the process inspector every two hours for each molding team; Supervise and spot check the mixing team for 2 times per shift, including the original batching records and molding materials; Spot check the loading quality and temperature curve of 2 vehicles for each hardening team.

4.All incoming raw and auxiliary materials are required to complete the acceptance inspection within the specified time, and unqualified raw and auxiliary materials shall not be put into production. Deduct 2 points for each time that the normal production is affected due to the failure of timely inspection; 2-10 points will be deducted if unqualified raw and auxiliary materials flow into production due to lax control, resulting in quality accidents.


Inspection work quality

The work is required to be careful, the operation technology is skilled and correct, the inspection instruments are kept in a qualified state, the inspection error is within the allowable range, and there is no missing judgment or misjudgment. The technologist shall conduct random inspection from time to time. Deduct 2 points for each missed judgment, misjudgment and unqualified inspection instruments. 5-10 points will be deducted for each batch that is sampled for inspection and re inspected after unpacking due to lax control.


Inspection information transmission and traceability

The original records shall be complete, filled in clearly, neatly and kept completely; The contents of the statistical statements shall be complete, true, accurate and traceable, and shall be submitted in time. Provide a quality analysis report to the Department Manager every month, point out the main factors affecting product quality, and put forward suggestions to improve the quality management system and product quality.


Construction of inspection team

Hold a meeting of all inspectors at the beginning of each month to publicize and implement the company’s quality policies, objectives, policies and requirements, analyze the quality situation, summarize and comment on the inspection results and problems of last month, and arrange the inspection tasks of this month. Organize the technical assessment or inspection comparison of inspectors once a quarter, and formulate and implement the training plan according to the assessment and comparison results.

Check the calibration and inspection of measuring instruments and tools of the equipment once a month. Inspect the work of inspectors every day and solve problems in time. The work assigned by leaders requires rapid action, high efficiency and good quality. Complete the tasks assigned by the leaders and in the monthly work plan of the Department on time.


No 2. Job responsibilities of quality inspector

1.Earnestly implement the national, provincial and municipal quality policies, procedures, standards and regulations and requirements on strengthening quality management.

2.Be responsible for the quality supervision, inspection and acceptance of the project.

3.Concealed works must be jointly inspected, accepted and recorded with the site representative of the construction unit. The quality inspection and acceptance of divisional and subdivisional works of various types of work shall be carried out on duty. Timely handle problems found and strictly control the project quality.

4.Supervise and inspect the self inspection, mutual inspection and handover inspection of each team, and check the quality inspection records and quality analysis meeting records of the construction team at any time.

5.Truly fill in the quality inspection office, establish the project quality archives, and timely provide the quality inspection data of subdivisional works of the construction team in the current month as the basis for paying wages and bonuses.

6.Timely collect the project quality inspection data of each team as the basis for completion acceptance.

7.Timely reflect the construction quality problems, and have the right to stop and rework the illegal operations.

8.Assist and guide the construction team to widely carry out “Trinity” compliance activities, regularly organize and hold regular on-site quality meetings, study and analyze the causes of quality problems, and formulate pre control and rectification measures.


No. 3 Job responsibilities of quality inspector

The quality inspector is the employee who is responsible for the quality inspection of all materials, products and equipment of the company.

1.Obey the assignment and command, and strictly abide by the company’s rules and regulations and relevant regulations;

2.Be responsible for the quality inspection of the company’s products before sale;

3.Be responsible for the statistics of the qualified number of the company’s products;

4.Be responsible for the analysis of product rate;

5.Assist in the standards of product quality assurance system;

6.Assist in the company’s ISO9000 quality management standard;