What Is Intelligent Quality Inspection & What Is The Advantage Of It


With the rapid development of the Internet and AI Artificial Intelligence, many enterprises have many platforms to connect customers. Therefore, intelligent customer service has gradually become the first choice for enterprises to help enterprises and customers achieve efficient communication and service. Service quality and work efficiency are important indicators for enterprises to evaluate customer service. To make a more accurate and scientific evaluation on the service work of online customer service staff, on the one hand, it is to assess the service quality of customer service workers, on the other hand, it is to promote their service efficiency. Here is everything you need to know about intelligence quality inspection services.


What Is Intelligent Quality Inspection & What Is The Advantage Of It

We all know that the traditional online manual quality inspection work adopts a more traditional quality inspection method, which fully covers the customer service staff for quality inspection. Such a quality inspection link has a very high time cost and labor cost, which will cost the enterprise a lot; However, if sampling is used to reduce the cost of quality inspection, it cannot be fully covered, and the accuracy of quality inspection is not high, leaving some problems for the service quality of the enterprise and the efficiency of customer service.


Company usually uses natural language algorithms and predefined rules to analyze the dialogue between customer service agents and customers in customer service scenarios, so as to achieve quality inspection and improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. The quality inspection center configured by the customer service system can help enterprises comprehensively and accurately judge the customer service status. Based on the intelligent quality inspection configuration scheme and intelligent quality inspection rules, it can realize 100% real-time and post inspection of the customer service service quality, text, voice and other Omni channels, and timely obtain the evaluation of the customer service quality.


When your customer enters the dialogue, every sentence of the customer will be stored and recorded for the convenience of system quality inspection. The intelligent quality inspection and manual audit method will be used to help the artificial intelligence customer service system improve its service quality and work efficiency, and make a comprehensive and accurate service evaluation on the online customer service staff. The enterprise can configure the quality inspection scheme at will, deeply mine all the dialogue data of customer service, and automatically generate the quality inspection report.


This intelligent quality inspection method has many advantages over the previous manual quality inspection methods, such as:


The quality inspection solution can more effectively judge and supervise the quality of customer service, and further improve the level and quality of enterprise customer service.Compared with manual quality inspection, intelligent quality inspection schemes are more convenient, more accurate in positioning time and customer service, and more unified in configuration. They can give quality inspection results in time. Automatic scoring through the intelligent system will not cause significant differences in quality inspection results. Managers can immediately get which customer has the problem and which customer has the problem. The scientific quality inspection scheme is used to qualitatively review the massive customer service data, and provide targeted optimization suggestions to different customer service personnel, so as to improve customer satisfaction.



The configuration of the quality inspection center is to face all the online customer service of the enterprise, not just one of them. It also covers all the dialogue data. Relying on the powerful artificial intelligence technology and quality inspection technology, it can accurately assess all the customer service of the enterprise, comprehensively improve the quality of customer service, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. It also analyzes customer service violations, user satisfaction, professionalism of customer service answers, product improvement suggestions, and looks for secondary sales opportunities.


Low cost

Compared with the previous manual quality inspection, intelligent quality inspection can reduce the cost of enterprise quality inspection services to the greatest extent, automatically analyze the quality of customer service, and save a lot of labor costs. And it should be 100% objective. Because the quality inspection system is a machine, it will not receive people’s emotional ups and downs to affect the quality inspection results, making the quality inspection results more accurate. For service enterprises, it is very important to effectively measure the quality of customer service. We should scientifically and accurately test and evaluate the customer service personnel, find out the problems and optimize them, so as to improve the overall service level of the customer service center.