What Is Quality Control Point & Implementation Of Quality Control Point


Quality control points refer to the key control objects, key parts or weak links determined to ensure the quality of the operation process. Quality control point, referred to as control point for short, also known as management point. It controls the quality characteristics that need key control in the quality management of the production site, which reflects the principle of key management of the quality management of the production site.  Only by grasping the key objects of the quality control of the production line and taking corresponding management measures, can it grasp the key of quality, and then ensure the stability and improvement of the product quality of the whole production line by “focusing on the key and taking the general”. Therefore, the correct determination of quality control points is an important prerequisite for improving the quality management of production site. In this guide, we are showing you what is quality control point and the implementation of it.


What is the concept of quality control point?

The determination of quality control points shall follow the following principles, that is, all of the following conditions shall be listed as control points:

① Quality characteristics that have a direct impact on product performance, accuracy, safety, service life and reliability;

② Quality characteristics with special process requirements and significant impact on the next process or assembly;

③ Due to the unstable process quality, there are many quality characteristics of nonconforming products found in the quality information feedback. According to the above principles, control points shall be set for all key quality characteristics (i.e. grade A) in the importance classification of quality characteristics, while for important quality characteristics (i.e. grade B), some of them can be listed as control points as needed. For general quality characteristics (i.e. grade C), unless nonconforming products often appear, it is generally not necessary to be listed as control points.


Some quality characteristics have no direct impact on the performance, service life and reliability of products, but there are special requirements for them in technology, such as semi finishing of key parts of process holes and process surfaces. If these quality characteristics are not strictly managed, they will affect the quality of subsequent processes, so they should also be listed as control points. The setting of control points shall generally be based on the importance classification data and quality information data of product quality characteristics, and shall be set according to the setting principle of control points. The setting of control points is generally the responsibility of the technical department. According to the specific situation of the organization, the technical department and the quality management department can also determine it after summarizing the opinions of the quality inspection department, workshop and relevant functional departments.


The responsible department for determining the control point shall be clearly specified in the organization’s process quality control system. After the control points are determined, the detailed list of process quality control points shall be prepared, and the flow chart of quality control points can be drawn if necessary. Some organizations also prepare process flow and quality assurance table and summary table of parts quality inspection items. After preparation, it shall be countersigned by relevant departments and workshops and approved by the leader in charge, and then distributed to relevant departments as the basic document of process quality control.


The quality control point shall be determined according to the influence of operators, materials, construction technology, technical parameters, equipment, operation sequence, natural conditions and operation environment on quality characteristics, hazard degree and difficulty of quality assurance.


Quality control points shall be set under the following conditions:

Important and key construction links and parts.

Construction procedures and links with unstable quality and uncertain construction quality.

Parts or links with great technical difficulty and difficult construction conditions.

Construction contents and projects with high quality standards or quality accuracy requirements.

Construction processes or parts that have an important impact on the quality or safety of subsequent construction or subsequent processes.

Parts or links of construction with new technologies, processes and materials.

The quality and performance of materials that will seriously affect the quality of the project.

Technical break time that will affect the quality of the next process.

Some technical parameters closely related to construction quality.

Parts prone to common quality problems.

Complaints and maintenance requirements fed back by users.

Shortage of materials or key projects that may have a serious impact on production arrangements.


Implementation of quality control points

According to the process flow, find out the main factors that have a serious impact on the project quality in each link (process).

Through the analysis of the process, determine the quality control point, and clarify the name of the process, the name of the quality control point (location), technical requirements, inspection tools, inspection methods and management means. At the same time, specify control objectives, prevention standards, self-control standards, executors, etc.

Strengthen the test and verification of process methods, and clarify the process parameters and factors affecting parameter fluctuation.

Special operation personnel shall be trained and qualified, and work with certificates.

The key materials and equipment used shall be strictly controlled, and re inspection and re inspection shall be carried out when necessary.

Control the working environment affecting the construction of key processes and special processes.

The project department shall disclose to the management personnel and operators according to the identified quality control points and the formulated countermeasures and measures.

Operators shall operate carefully according to the operation instructions to ensure the operation quality of each link; Quality control personnel shall conduct key guidance, inspection and acceptance on site.