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    nthia Cy

    Has anyone done CNC machining of parts to go along with 3D printing? I’m not talking about machining 3D printed parts, but machining slides and uppers and other bits’n’bobs. I’m looking at some entry-level CNC for under $300. Combine that with a 3D printer, and you could have some very cool custom work, from engraving slides to custom-cut triggers or a whole custom slide.


    Being an efficient CNC operator is a hell of a lot more complicated than downloading STLs and hitting “print”

    Bean 86

    I won’t deny that. I used to do design work for a company that made the foam inserts for airline seats. We did all kinds of different methods from sawn foam to hot-wire to CNC-cut and everything in between.

    Not saying it would be easy or anything, but I’m always looking for some way to do more myself as opposed to clicking on “Buy it now”. But the more I look at these cheap CNC, I’m not sure they’d be up to the job, and I don’t have the coin for anything more major yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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