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    CNC machine tool processing has the advantages of high precision and automation. These advantages determine what kind of applications it can be used. However, almost all industries need CNC machine tools to process parts, and multi axis CNC machine tools are very suitable for processing some extremely complex parts. Because CNC machine tools can handle almost any type of materials, they are widely used.

    CNC machining is a cost-effective manufacturing process. This process is compatible with a large number of materials. Therefore, CNC machining is helpful for various applications in various industries. Manufacturers and mechanics use this process in various ways. This includes direct manufacturing processes, indirect manufacturing processes, or combinations with other processes.

    What auto parts can be processed by CNC machine tools
    1. Engine components
    CNC machine tool processing (including CNC milling, CNC turning, WEDM and other processes) can be used to manufacture several important parts of automobile internal combustion engine. For example, a large aluminum alloy cylinder block can be processed into an engine cylinder block (or cylinder block). This metal structure includes an engine cylinder in which a moving piston moves up and down.

    2. Precision parts in gearbox
    Gearbox is a very important transmission mechanism in automobile. It has a large number of gears and shaft parts. Now, in high-quality automobile manufacturing, all gears and shaft workpieces in the gearbox can be directly manufactured by CNC machine tools. It has significant advantages in machining high-precision machining parts such as gears. Nowadays, gear shaping, shaving and hobbing processes are often used to manufacture them. Therefore, they have high processing accuracy and high production efficiency. After the shaft is processed into a stepped shaft, there are machining processes such as milling keyways and drawing splines, which greatly improve the fitting accuracy. After casting the gearbox housing, the end face and shaft hole must be milled on the CNC machining center machine tool. The machining center can ensure the spacing between the shafts.

    3. Other parts
    CNC machine tools can process several other automobile parts, including but not limited to suspension parts, exhaust parts, carburetor housing, fluid system parts, bushings and valve seats. Manufacturing technology is also particularly useful for the customization of vehicles and their specific automobile parts, because CAD allows rapid change of part design and manufacture of customized parts.

    Advantages of using CNC machine tools in the automobile industry
    Compared with manual machine tools, a more significant advantage of CNC machine tools in automobile parts manufacturing is the processing speed, and the delivery time is particularly short during small batch production. Since the processing is automatically performed by the computer, it is not necessary to consider the human limiting factors such as fatigue in the process.

    However, in some cases, traditional processing may be faster, such as when only a single unit of an object needs to be produced. In these cases, the time required to create computer instructions may exceed the time required to manually process individual parts.

    Another reason why automobile manufacturers favor CNC machine tools is the accuracy and high precision of the process. The digitization and autonomy of the process have almost no possibility of error, while the ultra-high precision CNC machine tool can provide a tolerance of ± 0.001 inch. It is understandable that the automotive industry generally requires such fine tolerances, because the failure of the engine or other key components may have serious consequences for the end user. The production of end-use metal parts usually requires precision machining of automotive parts, although looser tolerances can be used for prototype CNC parts.

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