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    nthia Cy

    I build electrical control panels and am wondering about using a CNC router to cut out holes for different buttons, lights etc.

    I am new to CNC but all my research seems to point to Routers not being suitable for steel. Is this true for cutting thinner steel as well? This would be 16 gauge thick steel and minimum working area of 42×42 inches. Its not high volume use, maybe 5 projects a month.

    So is there a router that could be suitable for this kind of cutting or would I need to look at using a CNC mill?

    I also am considereing plasma or laser cutting but I am concerned about burning the paint, both as it could damage the finish and also due to the fumes and smoke it would create and needing a ventilated enclosed table. So thats why I’d prefer to find a rotary option.

    Noah james

    If laser and plasma are not options, check out water jet!

    Amelia doo

    Sounds good, will do. Thanks for the idea

    LG X

    It is possible to cut steel on a router, you just have to be really careful about work holding, tool selection (keep to tiny tools to keep surface speed reasonable), and coolant/chip evacuation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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