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    Thomes JJ

    The best advice we can give is to avoid choosing the lowest bidder (unless it’s us, of course! ), as price isn’t necessarily a good indicator of value. You don’t want a laser scanning business that will compromise quality. Such a business may use personnel that are underqualified or unskilled or old, out-of-date equipment that hasn’t been calibrated in a while. Deliverables created using unauthorized software could be sent to you. We advise having a defined project scope so that you get what you anticipate and don’t waste time and resources on useless work. Of course, there are always exceptions to the norm, but we believe it is advisable to spend a little more to ensure quality.
    Costs associated with 3D scanning a part range from $100 to $1,000 or more. Our hourly fees range from $100 to $200 based on the type of 3D scanning being done. The size and complexity of the component being 3D scanned are ultimately what determine the pricing. The price of further services, like reverse engineering or dimensional inspection, is not included in this.

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