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    la ling

    Quality is realized through process, and the management of the process of forming quality is quality management. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality management is the guarantee for the survival and benefits of an enterprise. Quality depends on effective real-time process management rather than post inspection. Therefore, how to do well in quality management is the key to the survival of a manufacturing enterprise.

    How to do a good job in quality management
    1. Quality management awareness of employees
    Enterprises should strengthen the quality management training for employees, adopt the form of unified training, independent guidance and quality inspection assistance, improve the quality management awareness of all employees, and enable all employees to master the quality standards, operation methods and self inspection methods to ensure the quality.

    2. Work skills of quality control personnel
    Design quality is an important work of quality control personnel. For quality management, design quality is the top priority. Without good design, it is impossible to produce high-quality products. Therefore, quality control personnel should improve their design skills and devote enough energy here.

    3. Supplier selection and management
    The selection and management of suppliers is very important to quality management. If there is a problem with the quality of raw materials, no matter how professional the quality management of the enterprise is, the final products will still have problems. When selecting suppliers, enterprises should clarify the quality agreement with suppliers, such as high quality and good price, low quality and poor price, so as to improve the attention of suppliers to quality. In addition, even if the supplier is selected, how to timely share the product process data with the supplier in real time, and obtain the product data information before the incoming materials are delivered, rather than finding the unqualified materials after receiving the incoming materials. In this way, only when the raw materials / incoming materials are guaranteed can the enterprise’s quality management eliminate the concerns from the supply chain, and finally ensure the quality of products, so as to maintain the brand and reputation of the enterprise under the market competition.

    4. Management of production site
    The quality of the production process mainly includes five links of “human, machine, material, method and environment”. Do a good job in the management of these five links, so as to lay a foundation for high-quality products.

    Wu Feiyu

    Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality management is the guarantee for the survival of an enterprise. To create high-end quality of enterprises, we should do a good job in the management of ordinary employees, quality control personnel, suppliers and production sites. Of course, these are only a part of quality management. How to do a good job in quality management still needs enterprise managers to explore and move forward in practice.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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