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    Wu Feiyu

    Resin material can not simply say whether it is toxic or not. Toxicity must be discussed in combination with dose. Generally, there is no problem after normal light curing. UV curable resin is the matrix resin of UV curable coatings. It is compounded with photoinitiator, active diluent and various additives to form UV curable coatings. Light curing coating is the earliest example of large-scale successful application of light curing technology in industry. It is also the product with the largest production and sales volume in the field of light curing industry at present, so you can contact it safely.

    If 3D printing materials refer to 3D printing raw materials, these raw materials will produce a small amount of by-products, small particles of wire raw materials will volatilize, resin will volatilize, and nylon powder material itself is a small powder, which will have an impact on the human body. Generally, people take protective measures, which is not a big problem, but direct contact is not recommended for pregnant women. If 3D printing materials refer to 3D printed finished products, this problem is more complex. The general contact of most finished products will not cause any harm, but the specific use depends on how to use them. If it is food level contact, a large part of materials may be excluded, and if it is used outdoors, a large part of materials will be excluded.

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