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    Kanye Z

    The Egyptian customer needs our company to make a pre shipment inspection certificate. I have several questions to ask you

    Marian Wang

    First question: the data required for the pre shipment inspection certificate is the same as the data room required for the commodity inspection. The data provided during the commodity inspection can be directly used for the pre shipment inspection certificate. However, since the pre shipment inspection certificate will list all the goods loaded into the container, it is better to make a specific list to the Commodity Inspection Bureau if your products will carry some small parts.

    Second and third questions: since it is a pre shipment inspection certificate, we will certainly come to inspect the goods before shipment. We will also investigate whether the price of your goods is appropriate and whether it is too low or too high. If the price is unreasonable, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will ask you to write a certificate. When the goods are loaded into containers, you ask the teachers of the commodity inspection bureau to supervise the loading. Photos will be taken during the loading supervision. After the goods are loaded into the container, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will put a lead seal on the container (the lead seal of the Commodity Inspection Bureau, and the commodity inspection department of the other party will open the case for inspection after the goods arrive at the port of the other party). The most important thing is to ensure that the goods are consistent with the certificates, otherwise the customs clearance will be cumbersome

    The fourth question: if you make a receipt, you don’t need to make a customs clearance slip. The purpose of the receipt is that your freight forwarder will exchange the customs clearance slip for you at the customs declaration port.

    Fifth question: if the commodity inspection bureau is acting according to the regulations, it should supervise the loading first, and then issue the pre shipment inspection certificate to you after your goods are delivered. The goods certificate must be consistent. You want your certificate to say that you exported 20 cars. In the end, the other party’s commodity inspection bureau only opened the box for inspection. Is that ok?

    It’s very troublesome to export to Egypt. I only went to the commodity inspection for one week… In addition, it is likely to be countersigned… What our customers asked to do at that time was to countersign the invoice, certificate of origin and pre shipment inspection certificate, which took about one week. Therefore, it is better to confirm with the customer in advance so as not to be too late

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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