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    Li wu

    Four measures for quality control: organizational measures, economic measures, technical measures and contract measures.
    1. Organizational measures
    Strictly implement the national regulations on the quality management of construction projects, regularly check the implementation of the responsibilities of all participating units, and strictly implement the construction procedures: design before construction, and the specifications, models, quality standards and grades of semi-finished products of main materials and equipment must be determined in the construction drawing design stage; Joint review of drawings and formulation of feasible construction organization scheme before construction, and strengthen prior control.

    2. Economic measures
    The project quality is linked to the project payment, and the works with unqualified quality are not signed as the completed quantities. Review and sign the project progress payment in time, and supervise the contractor to use the special fund for special purpose. In combination with the contract conditions and quality evaluation results, appropriate rewards shall be given to contractors or individuals with good project quality, and economic penalties shall be given to those with poor quality. Support the implementation of the policy of reasonable low price, high quality and good price.

    3. Technical measures
    Technical measures mainly include quality control technical measures in construction preparation stage, quality control technical measures in construction stage and quality control technical measures in warranty stage, which are the guarantee of project quality.

    4. Contractual measures
    According to the contract, urge the contractor to earnestly implement the rights, obligations and responsibilities agreed in the contract, and strictly control the performance of relevant project quality clauses in the construction contract of the construction project. Exercise the right to deny and confirm the quality according to the terms of the contract: refuse to sign the unqualified project and require rework; For units and individuals who are unable to complete the project tasks on time, it is strictly prohibited to enter the site for construction or return from the site, and the reward and punishment provisions agreed in the contract shall be strictly implemented.

    opi ci

    Quality Control Measurements are an important by-product of the Quality Control process.. Control Quality was now a search for problems and flaws. Only two options are available to you when you do that.
    1. Work that was done to fix the problem
    2. Obviously, all of the outputs of the Control Quality process fall into these two categories.

    By now, it should be evident that Quality Control Measures belong in the first group. All of your inspections in Control Quality, for example, the number of faults identified, or the number of test cases that passed or failed, are included.

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