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    Wendy Hannry

    DNC software or technique installed on CNC machines allows you to run the system smoothly, control uploads and downloads remotely, see the current condition of the machines, get the most out of CNC systems, and maintain them working at optimum efficiency, among other things. Yes, there are numerous advantages to using it on metal fabrication or woodworking. Is there, however, anyone who is aware of its drawbacks? And how do you stay away from the drawbacks?


    The DNC system has the following drawbacks:

      DNC employs centralized control, and in the event of a computer breakdown, the machine shop’s entire operation would grind to a halt.
      DNC is costly, yet it is useful in situations when great automation is necessary.
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    Jake Able

    You should know something about the term DNC (Direct Digital Control). This system makes it possible to load the data necessary for machining into the controller. That is, it is the means by which what is programmed in the CAM software, or via APT, is loaded into the programmed control machine.
    It is basically a computer connected to a network in which there are one or more CNC machines. Previously, serial communications such as RS-232C or RS422 were used, but new communication technologies have improved these interfaces to Ethernet, and even wireless.
    In some cases, this computer (which may be the same one used for the design), also stores the program or instructions that will be transmitted to the CNC machine. The reason is that some microcontrollers on these machines have too small enough memory to accommodate the entire machining program.
    In the 80s, the hardware used for this was workstations from DEC, IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, etc. Gradually, they became cheaper machines until today’s x86 PCs. Much cheaper minicomputers capable of running the vast amount of CAD/CAM software out there.
    Recently, some graphic interfaces with touch screens and computers integrated into the CNC machines themselves make additional computer equipment unnecessary. Everything you need is on the machine itself or allows you to load the program using a simple USB stick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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