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    Wu Feiyu

    The first step is to test
    Before the inspection, the export enterprises need to do the test first, and the test content is divided into two parts
    Routine test (one test result sheet for each batch.
    Environmental protection test (the test result sheet can be used for many times, and the verification system is adopted). For specific test items, the sample receiving personnel can be asked.The test time is about 5 working days

    Step 2: enterprises applying for inspection that are not registered with the commodity inspection bureau need to register first (registration is free). Registered enterprises without inspectors can apply for inspection through agents. Registered enterprises with inspectors can apply for inspection by themselves

    Step 3: Inspection
    1. Before inspection, please make an appointment (determine the inspection date, accurate to the morning or afternoon). The agreed inspection date is tentatively determined as the packing date (the test result list and inspection application document shall be provided before inspection)
    2. Make telephone confirmation in the morning of the inspection day. When the container is about to arrive at the packing place or after arriving at the packing place, pick up relevant teachers from the Commodity Inspection Bureau for on-site inspection (packing is not allowed before the inspection teacher arrives at the site)
    3. The inspection is divided into two parts
    -For goods inspection, the factory shall provide relevant inspection equipment and weighing equipment
    -Loading supervision: after the goods are inspected, the inspection teacher will supervise the loading on site. After the packing is completed, CIQ will be blocked.

    opi ci

    Here are the procedures for pre shipment inspection: Order Placement, Inspector on site, Order placement, Quantity check, Randomized sampling, Visual check, Volumetric verification, Functionality verification, Safety test, and Inspection report.

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