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    wy zw

    The identification function of quality inspection is to observe, test and measure the quality characteristics of products according to the technical standards, product drawings, operation (process) procedures, purchase contracts and technical agreements, and to determine whether the product quality meets the specified requirements.

    Identification is the premise of “checking”. Only through identification can we judge whether the product quality is qualified. Without identification, the quality status of products cannot be determined, and it is difficult to achieve quality “check”. Therefore, the identification function is the basis of various functions of quality inspection.

    Only through inspection and strict control, can we truly ensure the quality of products by not putting unqualified raw materials into production, not transferring unqualified semi-finished products, not assembling unqualified parts and components, and not leaving the factory.

    la ling

    1. Judge whether the product quality is qualified.
    2. Determine the product quality grade or severity of product defects to provide basis for quality improvement.
    3. Collect quality data, and make statistics and Analysis on the data to provide basis for quality improvement.
    4. When the supplier and the demander have disputes over product quality problems, the quality responsibility shall be determined.
    5. strengthen the supervision and management of product quality and improve the product quality level.
    6. define product quality responsibilities.
    7. protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; 4、 Maintain social and economic order.

    The function of quality inspection is to check, prevent and report. That is, through the inspection of incoming raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, as well as the inspection of processes in the production process and the inspection of finished products before leaving the factory, collect data, compare the inspected object with the technical requirements, and make a qualified or unqualified judgment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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