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    Wu Feiyu

    Recycled materials and supply chain requirements: Declared recycled materials should follow a complete and validated chain of custody from input to final product.

    Social responsibility requirements: workers employed by enterprises are protected by a strong social responsibility policy. It is easier to meet the requirements of social responsibility when SA8000 certification, ISO45001 certification, or the buyer requires to pass BSCI, SMETA, etc., as well as the brand’s own supply chain social responsibility audit.

    Environmental requirements: The enterprise shall have a high awareness of environmental protection, and in all cases, the most stringent national and/or local regulations or GRS requirements shall apply.

    Chemical requirements: chemicals used to produce GRS products will not cause unnecessary harm to the environment or workers. That is, do not use substances restricted by REACH and ZDHC regulations, and do not use chemicals in the hazard code or risk terminology classification (GRS standard table A).

    What is the certification process?
    Step 1. Apply
    Step 2. Review of application form and application materials
    Step 3. Contract review
    Step 4. Scheduled payment
    Step 5. On site audit
    Step 6. Non conformance improvement closing (when necessary)
    Step 7. Audit report review&certification decision

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