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    In order to meet your needs for small parts with tight tolerance, Metal Cutting offers a variety of multi-axis machining services. Our technical skills include 5-axis CNC machining and 7-axis CNC machining. We have years of experience in titanium CNC machining, which is one of our specialties, as well as high-precision, high-volume machining of a wide range of metals. We have the tools and know-how to deliver parts to your specifications, to satisfy your demands from development through continuing production, even with complicated designs and difficult materials.

    Graham Steven

    What does 5-axis CNC milling entail?
    The basic definition of 5-axis machining is the simultaneous movement of a workpiece or cutting tool along five separate axes using a CNC. Due to the ability to machine extremely complicated parts, 5-axis is particularly well-liked for aerospace applications.
    However, a number of variables have helped 5-axis machining become more widely used. These consist of:
    a drive to implement single-setup machining (also known as “Done-in-One”) in an effort to shorten lead times and boost productivity
    the ability to tilt the cutting tool or the table to avoid colliding with the tool holder, which also makes it easier to access the part’s geometry.
    Because the tool and table are tilted to maintain the ideal cutting position and steady chip load, the tool life and cycle time are improved.

    What does 7-axis CNC milling entail?
    The 7-axis CNC machine has 7 axes that it can manipulate (3 translational axes for the movement of the cutting tool, 3 rotary axes holding the workpiece, and an additional axis enabling the rotation of the arm holding the tool head). This arrangement refers to the multiaxis paradigm that was used as a foundation. All tasks can be rapidly and accurately carried out by 7-axis CNC machines, and they also have better capabilities than their preceding setups.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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