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    la ling

    The first step is to accept the inspection application of enterprises
    Enterprises that need to carry out pre shipment inspection shall fill in the pre shipment inspection certificate in the column of required documents when applying for inspection.

    The second step is to implement inspection
    △ the goods within the scope of pre shipment inspection agreed by the government shall be subject to batch inspection.
    △ check whether the product model and quantity of the whole batch of goods are consistent with the inspection application data;
    △ check whether the product packaging is intact;
    △ check whether the product appearance is intact and meets the standard requirements; Check whether the product nameplate identification and production batch number are consistent with the application data;
    △ take samples for routine on-site inspection.

    Step 3: implement loading supervision
    Loading supervision refers to the on-site supervision of the process of loading goods into containers, mainly including the following contents:
    The customs shall inspect the name, quantity, packaging, shipping mark, specification and model of the goods, load the supervised goods into the container within the scope of supervision, and apply snap seal on the container.

    Step 4: price verification
    For goods exported to Sierra Leone or Ethiopia, the customs will also verify the price of the goods.

    wy zw

    1. Conducting an Inspection on-Site
    Products are inspected in the manufacturing facility or factory. Inspectors gauge products for faults and use of forbidden components or chemicals. Discrepancies in the product should be investigated further and tested in the lab. Most often, this occurs when items are found to include toxic or banned compounds that must be thoroughly vetted before they can enter the final market.

    2. Quantity verification authentication
    Counting of the shipping cartons ascertains that the proper quantity of merchandise is shipped. As a result, you may rest assured that the needed number of items/cartons will arrive at their intended location. Letters of credit are paid for after the inspection results are accepted by all parties involved: the supplier, customer, and the bank.

    They also check to make sure the packaging material is safe to transport, as well as that the contents are properly labeled.

    3. Choosing the Right Products for Testing
    Inspectors examine a random sample of a product. The ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 statistical sampling approach is used by all approved pre-shipment inspection services (ISO 2859-1).

    It is necessary to establish an Acceptance Quality Limit before a batch may be accepted (AQL). A product’s value is determined by its type. However, the primary goal is to provide an objective evaluation.

    4. Verification of the Quality of the Work
    The quality control inspector looks at the overall quality of the finished goods based on the sample they’ve been given. Any obvious flaws are graded as minor, major, or critical, depending on how serious they are.
    An acceptable tolerance level agreed upon by the manufacturer and the supplier during the product development stage is used in this evaluation.

    5. Verify that the governing specifications are being followed
    The product’s size, material, structure, color, weight, and markings and labels are meticulously examined by the inspector.

    The inspector checks to see if the correct sizes have been given to the consignment if it is a garment or textile. They also check to see if the sizes match the dimensions and labelling of the manufacture.

    For other items, dimensions of the finished product may be measured and compared with the original specifications to guarantee their acceptance.

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