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    Kanye Z

    I want to learn the ins and outs of automotive quality control and the rigorous procedures your automobile through before it touched the road.

    Marian Wang

    It’s safe to assume that most individuals don’t give much thought to their automobiles on a daily basis, unless, of course, they are true automotive enthusiasts. Most consumers see automobiles strictly as utilitarian items. And, like the toaster or blender sitting on your kitchen counter, automobiles don’t seem to take up a lot of room in their owners’ minds. I mean, until the automobile stops working.

    It’s true that there have been several high-profile recalls recently, but overall, vehicle dependability is higher than ever. That’s because vehicle producers have started to grasp a vital phase in automotive manufacturing: quality control. Quality control is a method used in almost every business to guarantee that a service or commodity is faultless in every way. When it comes to the production of automobiles, this means that each model is put through a battery of tests to ensure its engineering, safety, and passenger comfort.

    Quality assurance is performed well before the first vehicles leave the factory. Prototypes are created before a new vehicle is released so that flaws, mechanical issues, and other elements may be fixed upon before mass production begins. After the prototype has been thoroughly tested and improved, the design enters production, where quality control checks are conducted at regular intervals throughout the assembly line. After being produced, each automobile is examined for faults including fluid and air leaks, mechanical difficulties and appropriate assembly.

    Controlling Quality in Automobiles
    Quality control is something that’s a critical aspect of practically every sector and every employment. Several times a day, you do your own kind of quality assurance. Proofreading an email before sending it is an example of quality control. This article, too, is the product of some kind of quality assurance procedure. The editor responsible for uploading the piece to the HowStuffWorks.com website will review the final product for typos, improperly sized images, and broken links, among other things.

    The production of automobiles follows a similar procedure. However, quality control cannot be performed until the product has been constructed. That’s why the first step in ensuring consistent quality in the production of automobiles is checking out the model’s prototype. After that, testing begins on the prototype.

    Multiple tests, developed by engineers, are used to evaluate a vehicle’s durability in real-world (and harsh) conditions. For instance, they put the prototype car’s suspension through its paces by driving it over specialized terrain meant to stress it. They also drive the vehicles in harsh temperatures to ensure that all of the vehicles’ mechanical parts function reliably no matter what the climate throws at them. When inspecting a vehicle for leaks, they will even use smoke to make sure all the windows and doors are properly sealed.

    The crash test is a famous example of a quality control test. Many people are aware of government and insurance industry crash testing, but they may not know that automakers also conduct their own tests to guarantee that their goods and safety systems will function as intended and keep passengers safe.

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