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    In recent years, more and more enterprises have changed the traditional processing methods and turned to use CNC machining centers for manufacturing. CNC machining center is a kind of equipment different from traditional CNC lathes, which can improve the production and processing efficiency of enterprises, and has also been praised by the industry.

    CNC machining center is a kind of CNC machine tool with tool magazine and automatic tool change. It can process the workpiece for many times within a certain range. Therefore, the operator of the CNC machining center can process parts without frequently changing tools.

    What should be paid attention to when purchasing CNC machining center
    Select CNC machining center system
    CNC system is the core brain of CNC machining center operation. CNC functions are divided into basic functions and selection functions. The basic functions are inevitable, and the manufacturer can provide the selection function only after the user selects these functions. The function of the CNC system must be selected according to the performance requirements of the CNC machining center. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correlation between various functions when purchasing CNC machining centers. In the optional CNC system, the performance varies greatly. We should choose according to needs, and should not unilaterally pursue high indicators to avoid waste.

    Automatic tool changer and magazine capacity
    The selection of the equipment for selecting the change tool mainly considers the time and reliability of the change tool. Short tool change times can improve productivity, but tool change times are very short. Generally, the tool changing device has complex structure, high failure rate and high cost. Excessive emphasis on tool replacement time will greatly increase the cost and increase the failure rate.

    A large part of the faults of CNC machining centers are related to automatic tool changing equipment. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the use requirements, the automatic tool changer with high reliability shall be selected as far as possible to reduce the failure rate and the cost of the whole machine. The working quality of automatic tool changing and the capacity of tool magazine will directly affect the performance and quality of five axis CNC machining center. The principle of tool magazine capacity is to meet the demand of complex machining parts for tools.

    Rigidity of CNC machining center
    Since the rigidity of the CNC machining center will directly affect the production efficiency and machining accuracy, the machining speed of the CNC machining center is much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool, and the motor power is also higher than that of the ordinary machine tool of the same specification, so the rigidity of its structural design is also much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool. When purchasing the CNC machining center, the maximum allowable torque, power, axial force and feed force can be checked according to the process requirements and the data provided by the manufacturer.

    Machining accuracy of CNC machining center
    Machining accuracy directly affects the quality of finished products. It should be noted that machining accuracy and CNC machining center accuracy are two different concepts. It is wrong to regard the position accuracy on the manufacturer’s sample or product certificate as the machining accuracy of the CNC machining center. The position accuracy shown on the sample or certificate is the accuracy of the CNC machining center itself, and the machining accuracy is the sum of errors caused by various factors of the whole process system, including the allowable error of the CNC machining center itself. In model selection, we can refer to the evaluation method of process capability KP as the basis for accurate model selection.

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