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    Graham Steven

    A spinning cutting tool is used in the CNC drilling process to create round holes in a stationary workpiece. Typically, the holes are drilled to accept machine screws or bolts for assembly. Nevertheless, depending on the component’s design, they could be employed for aesthetic reasons.

    Eddie Warren

    The first interaction between the formation and the foreign fluids and machinery occurs during the drilling process. Drilling fluids are essential to the drilling process because they cool the drilling bit, lift up the cuttings, lubricate the bottom-hole assembly, and create impermeable filter cakes. The use of drilling fluids during drilling operations can significantly modify the permeability of the formation. One of the main causes of formation damage is the impermeable filter cakes created by the drilling fluid filtrate that cannot be entirely eliminated. Drilling fluids are forced to infiltrate the reservoir formation as a result of excessive drilling and hydraulic fracturing, leaving their heavy particles on the surface of the porous media. Some drilling fluid types, like water-in-oil emulsions and inverted emulsions, feature droplets that are relatively small in size. These droplets have the potential to contaminate nearby formations and obstruct pore throats, which would reduce permeability. Moreover, the surfactant molecules that create these invert emulsion muds can quickly change the original wettability of the formation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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