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    Kanye Z

    When it comes to the aircraft sector, why first item inspection is crucial

    Marian Wang

    The aerospace sector must adhere to the AS9102 standard, which outlines certain processes that must be followed.

    Before moving on with manufacturing and filling out the remainder of the purchase order, it is important to do a thorough FAI to guarantee that all equipment, settings, and materials are satisfactory. By doing so, the firm is able to cut down on waste and the need for expensive and time-consuming reworks.

    Tests like this may often be performed by a technician or the QC staff at the facility, however third-party QC businesses like ours can step in to aid if necessary.

    When depending on a manufacturer for an FAI, it is essential that you have faith in their quality management system as a whole (QMS). Because of this, you should always check out a manufacturer before doing business with a new vendor.

    Bear in mind that FAI is not a perfect fit for every product or every industry.

    A pre-shipment or DUPRO inspection is usually sufficient for low-priced consumer goods.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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